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The moment Jimmy told me he was going to do a podcast I knew it would be awesome. He has a brillant sense of humour, a huge amount of rugby knowledge and has a great way of getting his guests to open up and relax on the show. I really enjoy hearing all the different paths that players take to get to where they are today.

Mike Coman- Ex Rugby Legend/ Construction worker

What a lad, what a podcast! Easily the best rugby podcast in the game. Love getting to know some of rugby's biggest lads. From rising stars, to old battlers, to some of the biggest dogs rolling around. Interesting, inspirational and bloody funny!

Tom Marshall- Professional Rugby Player

Best podcast out, I've listened to every episode at least once and I have absolutely loved all of them. It now feels like I know all the lads who have been on the podcast personally.

Jordy Taylor -Nipple model